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Special Edition: Protein in focus

While Americans typically get enough, there is no sign that the protein trend is going away, with growing numbers of food and beverage brands seeking to add additional protein to their wares or highlight the protein that's always been there. We take a closer look...

Clean Label Stabilizer for Powdered Beveragestrack
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MycoTech raises $35m to fuel vegan mushroom protein ambitions, strikes strategic partnership
Boulder-based MycoTechnology has raised $35m in a series B financing round from a flurry of high profile investors* from Kellogg's Eighteen94 Capital to Bunge Ventures and inked a strategic partnership with a leading player in the natural products industry to take its PureTaste vegan mushroom protein to the mass market... Read

Naturex strikes global distribution deal with Mycotech for vegan mushroom protein: 'We could see they had something new'
Natural ingredients giant Naturex has struck a global distribution deal with MycoTechnology, the fungi-fueled start-up behind Pure Taste fermented shiitake vegetable protein: a high-profile new entrant to the 'alternative' protein market. .. Read

Hampton Creek explores the potential of mung bean protein isolate
Mung bean protein has potential applications in everything from egg substitutes to pasta and ice cream, says Hampton Creek, which has just received a 'no questions' letter from the FDA responding to its determination that its proprietary mung bean protein isolate is generally recognized as safe (GRAS)... Read

Taste, texture, nutrition: Formulating with plant-based proteins
Plant-based proteins are creeping into a dizzying array of foods and beverages, from dairy-free 'milks,' 'cheeses' and 'yogurts' to protein bars, chips, powders and meat analogs. But what are they like to work with? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with experts at Cargill and Kerry to find out..... Read

fairlife ultra-filtered milk sales surged 79% in 2016; Core Power and Yup! to be brought under fairlife brand umbrella
Dollar sales of Coca-Cola-backed high-protein milk fairlife grew 79% in 2016, as consumers continued to trade up in the fluid milk category... Read

Carrington Farms unveils coconut protein blend
Carrington Farms has introduced a new vegan protein powder featuring organic coconut powder as the #1 ingredient, as consumers continue to embrace coconut-fueled products despite ongoing confusion about whether the saturated fat-packed fruits are as healthy as some marketers make out... Read

Lightlife's new Veggie Deli Slices eschew imitating animal proteins to celebrate vegetables
As flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets continue to gain traction, Lightlife is recasting plant-based protein from the lesser role of understudy or "alternate" to animal protein, and making it - and the fruits, vegetables and legumes it comes from - the star of the show with the launch of Veggie Deli Slices... Read

Avocado oil specialist Chosen Foods explores move into refrigerated plant-based proteins
San Diego-based Chosen Foods - best known for its avocado oils and mayo - is considering a move into refrigerated plant-based protein foods and high-protein snacks as it sits down with its new owner, Mexican specialty oils and seeds supplier Sesajal, to decide how to allocate resources in the coming years... Read

Atlantic Natural Foods seeks to disrupt sleepy shelf-stable plant-based protein category
The shelf-stable plant-based protein market is ripe for disruption, says Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), which is hoping to bring incremental growth to the segment with a category-first: fully prepared vegetarian and vegan microwaveable meals in "healthy, portable, and affordable" pouches... Read

Exo rebrands to play up the power of cricket in its snack bars, better connect with active consumers
As an early mover in the edible insect space, Exo initially downplayed the presence of crickets in its snack bars to help drive trial, but as the idea of eating bugs becomes more familiar to Americans the brand is more heavily featuring crickets in its new branding, packaging and marketing... Read

Cargill and other 'food industry giants' join $17m funding round for clean meat co Memphis Meats
In another signal that traditional meat companies see cultured meat as an opportunity, rather than a threat, Cargill and other unnamed "food industry giants" have participated in a $17m funding round in clean meat firm Memphis Meats... Read

Hampton Creek to enter clean meat market in 2018: 'We are building a multi-species, multi-product platform'
The first commercial product from Hampton Creek's new clean meat production platform "will likely be in the avian family," director of cellular agriculture Eitan Fischer told FoodNavigator-USA as the company best known for its work on plant-based proteins unveiled ambitious plans to explore the animal variety... Read

FOOD VISION USA 2017: Where is the plant-based movement heading (and will 'clean' meat give it a run for its money)?
Growing interest in plant-based foods, 'clean' (aka cultured) meat, and grass-fed, humanely-raised meat and regenerative agriculture, stems from a desire to seek alternatives to industrialized animal production. But where will these emerging segments fit into the market, and are they a threat or an opportunity for traditional meat, egg and dairy companies?.. Read

Animal-based protein tops consumer choice, but plant-based options are rising fast, Nielsen finds
When it comes to meeting consumers' growing demand for protein, animal-based products continue to reign supreme in the US and Canada for now - but plant-based options are gaining traction and hold significant sales potential, according to the market research firm Nielsen. .. Read

Ripple Foods seeks to disrupt plant-based yogurt category: 'Let's not mince words... some of these products are terrible'
Plant-based Greek-style yogurts from Ripple Foods - slated to hit the market by the end of this year - will have a higher protein content (12g/serving) and superior texture to brands currently on shelf, which have improved, but can still look "gelatinous" and "weird," according to co-founder Dr Neil Renninger... Read

IKEA backs Flying SpArk's bet that fruit flies are the protein source of the future
Compared to crickets, grasshoppers and even meal worms, the fruit fly is minuscule, but according to the co-founders of Flying SpArk this tiniest of insects could prove to be a more bountiful, sustainable and efficient source of protein... Read

Quorn moves into the refrigerated aisles with its fungi-based proteins
Meat-free brand Quorn - which has a big presence in the UK chilled food market, but has historically focused on the frozen segment in the US - has developed a new line of meat- and soy-free refrigerated sausages and chicken strips that will roll out across 1500 Kroger stores. .. Read

TerraVia selects Corbion's $20m stalking horse bid in auction
Algae-fueled company TerraVia has selected a $20m stalking horse bid from Dutch ingredients supplier Corbion in an auction for the bulk of its assets, according to documents filed with the bankruptcy court on Tuesday... Read

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